Among Friends

by Hear This

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Recorded by Marley Van Raalte
All music by Hear This
All lyrics by Andrew Golz

Andrew Golz vocals
Brian Nissen bass
Jason Nugent guitars
Marley Van Raalte guitars
Zach Peterson drums



released August 14, 2011

Layout by Zach Peterson
Photos by Dylan Van Raalte



all rights reserved


Still Here Records Freeport, Illinois

An art collective and independent record label based in Freeport, IL.

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Track Name: First Nations
Raped of land, white gun in hand
The first Americans fall
A culture, a people; they all felt pain the same
It’s no surprise to me we have our ancestors to blame

Push them away so we forget
No more human contact
Cut them off so they will fade
No more human contact

Disease and starvation all across their nation
A conquest of hatred and total isolation
Savages, mongrels, polytheistic fools
That’s the part that they leave out when it’s talked about in school

The truth of it all
Is that we’re never going to hear that call
We wiped them out
So we could form these United States

I wanna hear that call
Track Name: Maelstrom of Hierarchy
They want me to know my place in some fucked up bedlam
They try to make me acknowledge the chain of command
But I’ll resist

All of this pressure for us to comply
Collapse this, contain this, keep it in line
If we don’t follow and blindly let them lead
Collectively endure a better destiny

If I’m the master of my will
Make defiance just distill
Rejecting bullshit that I see
A righteous future it will be

Prowess of thought comes from my soul
These feelings I’m screaming, so it goes
The maelstrom of hierarchy, everybody knows
I cannot stop it on my own

Shut my mouth
Know my role
I’d rather hang a fucking noose than give you control
Fuck their limits, fuck them too
This is where I am; where are you?
I will resist

(All the things I just said will forever live on even after I’m dead)
Track Name: I Will
I will shout from the mountain tops
Or I’ll be swallowed up by the sea
A man of simple needs
A man of simple desires
But to maintain I’ve got to feel the fire
Track Name: Journeys
At certain times we’ve all been tested
Hopefully you passed
Maybe you were misdirected
But you got back on track
Of course along the way you had questions
Somewhere you found truth
Hopefully you’ve thought it through
And your belief is concrete

There’s a certain price we pay to live our lives this way
So far away from society’s rule
After every passing day
I've realized this is where I’ll stay
My undying passion won’t decay

Sometimes my journey hasn’t been easy
Sometimes it’s been hard
And I’ve felt persecuted
For the things I feel inside my heart

If you’ve never taken a look around
If you’re unsure what you’re about
Now’s the time to figure it out
Of all the different things I could have done
I held on to the important ones

Someday you’ll see with wide open eyes
As I scream like the sky
With a thunderous roar you’ll see what I live for
Track Name: Five More Years
Five years can seem so long
When you’re counting every second
With every stroke of the clock
There is a chance to learn a lesson

Hard for me to believe snapshots of who I was
There's not a chance of foreseeing who I’ll be

Somehow I’m carrying all my memories
This private ballast won’t be for nothing
Vacating my mind
Liberating the complication
Embracing the painful ones is so fucking excruciating

Not a chance, not a single solemn idea
Time will tell as long as there is tomorrow

Fragments of my life have been forgotten that should have remained
Heartbreak and strife at the bottom
My righteousness will ever change

They say that time heals every wound
But how many wounds are left?
Track Name: Comfort through Terrors
A silent film portrayed in shades of grey
The cracks turn into spaces leaving you misplaced
Making vision and feeling an empty display
Of the agony inside that won’t dissipate
Screaming in mirrors or inside your head
Wondering how you survived and why you’re not dead

The terrors inside you that no one can see
All consuming blank thoughts of this reality
Ruin the person, the place and the state
As something invisible takes it away
Terror’s inside you

Forcing it down so you can face the day
Wondering what have you done for the price that you pay
If a clean slate could give you a piece of mind
And where are all the answers you can’t seem to find?

Why have you been burdened like this?

I will extend my hand to you and help you out of despair If your destiny is to sink, I’ll pull you up for air
Track Name: Colorblind
We were trained to hate every single day
My question is when it became alright
To split, to divide
To force the beauty of difference to hide

The color of your skin means nothing to me
Giving out all these labels that we don’t need

East or West you can’t suppress my honest cry for help
This is something I can’t do by myself

The color of your skin means nothing to me
Raise our voices together and scream for unity

Culture of fear, culture of duress
Got to get this burden off our chests
Civil unrest, a song of protest
Are we going to sink down like the rest?

I’ve sung about change
Now it’s time that change was made
Track Name: State of the Scene
As I write these lyrics, Hear This comes to an end
Started off as strangers; now brothers more than friends
The ink that’s in my skin doesn't even begin
To show my love and loyalty that’s buried deep within

A decade of music; so many bands
Concentrated passion; not quite what we planned
New ones and old ones
They’re all the same to me
Invoking emotion, artistic liberty

It’s breaking down and we can’t encase it
I see less and less people here and and that's a fact
We have to face it
It’s dying out, but as much as we try
It feels like a faded embrace and when it’s gone it’s gone
We just can’t replace it

Every single part of this sub-community is important in some way
I’m talking about the scene
Whether in this town or thirty miles away
The friends you make day-to-day

Changing shape
It’s a stalemate
We all know this
We just can’t wait
It’s all been great but as of late
It’s slipping towards a vacant state

Slipping towards a vacant scene
We all know this; we can't just wait

This has meaning
We're a part of something great
We must act now; we can’t hesitate
This is the state of the scene
Track Name: Generation Gap
Sons and daughters sent off to slaughter
Created to win come hell or high water
Tens of thousands go to make ‘peace’
See no results and watch the death toll increase
How many more generations will we throw away?
When does it end?
Korea, The Gulf, The War in Iraq
Dead soldiers names just thrown on a plaque
No comfort or solace, safety or relief
Letters come home inflicting utter disbelief
When does it end?
What was the value of my life?
It’s just the same as you and me
In their final dying breaths they utter ‘remember me’
When does it end?
Track Name: Human
A few things in life you can’t change
They are a part of the day-to-day
For twenty-three years I’ve made mistakes
And lived my life in my own way

Through struggle and pain, I can’t complain
Holding onto one thought, I remember

I’m human, I’m alive and I know someday I’ll die
But until then, I’ll keep moving on
I’ve seen and I’ve felt
And if I end up straight in hell I know
I’ve lived the dream

I could pay the pauper or flee the scene
If I die young at least I lived the dream
We all lived the dream

Illusions of safety
Disillusioned times
They’re all part of our lives

These things make us
We are all the same
Track Name: Compass of Mind
Are we so content with our lives that we don’t think
Or have we given up because it’s rudimentary
Progress can’t be made if we never cut our teeth
And we will never reach the end if we don’t push the brink

Well the logic’s all the same no matter where it’s coming from
And soon enough our lives will all be easy, soft and done The fucked up thing with all of this is that we can prevent ourselves from turning into persons we must reinvent
Yet the answer is so easy; purge this pointless apathy
Truth behind it all is that our mind’s need to be free

The only thing that’s worth destroying
Are the barriers in our minds
Once that separation catches
We can truly live our lives

Because our thoughts and our emotions
Will mean nothing without breath
So we must force them out
Take nothing more and give nothing less
Track Name: Compass of Soul
I’m talking about freedom in your mind
Can you see it burn through my eyes?
These are feelings that you can't deny
I want to see it burn through your eyes