by Cardinal

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Recorded at Music Mecca Studio

Alexa Nissen vocals
Brian Nissen piccolo bass
Chris Ranney bass
Marley Van Raalte drums


released April 23, 2011

Art by Zach Peterson




all rights reserved


Still Here Records Freeport, Illinois

An art collective and independent record label based in Freeport, IL.

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Track Name: King Pendragon's Noble Goal and Taliesin's Careful Lessons
Awen inspired.
A strong wind in my head.

Poets and Druids.
Oh, the truth that pours from the dead.

Soothsay me this, sir: is this all gonna work?

Do I have the ability to awaken a soul, and clean the afterbirth?

Or when we part at morn', will I follow the golden road?
Or will they go to the company of men?
Either way, we'll be seperate.

We all have ghosts that indulge in the meat of the tree.
It's the saddest thing you've ever seen.

Never drawn to the top - never released.

You could let them see, you could let them help.

They just wanna be a part of something big - something else.

Something beyond.
Something beyond us.

Maybe God.

Or Maybe the Bards are just Icarus again.

Maybe our God didn't design us for magic.

Or maybe our ghosts can free us from all our sins.
Track Name: Still-made Lancelot
The farmer's bleeding seeds and I open my heart. 
He's praying for rain, and I bring the drought. 

But I'll be like him someday and never stop by all the things in the store when displays catch my eye.
I hope I'll see you again.

The river it swells but when the season is done it continues to run. 
It forgets what it learned and what it could become.

I see what this is doing.

I'm so tired of the way it clouds up my mind and leads me astray,
The things that i want.

Love is all I got - it's all I can be. 
It follows me through to the sea.

I see what this is doing.
Track Name: Our Beautiful Queen is Blind
We stood on the ridge.
A wall of rock - gold and crumbled.
And watched the water scream beneath us.
The rushing flow sometimes flooding to our knees. 
It pushes, but from our rock we'll never break free.
And maybe someday it'll be over our heads.

We are going deep. 

I've watched you grow, but o, you're not old
And you're so much smarter than those that are.
See this is it.
See this is gonna be.

Throw us in the sea.