Every Stone EP

by From the Mire

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Recorded by Marley Van Raalte
All music From the Mire
All lyrics by From the Mire

Brendan Carter drums
Derek Czysz guitars
Clayton Reeser guitars
Luke Franzen bass & vocals
Ron Oxley vocals


released September 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Still Here Records Freeport, Illinois

An art collective and independent record label based in Freeport, IL.

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Track Name: Answered
This wave crashes over me, these countless seems rapture in my mind
In all of this change will I ever hear the truth again?
Honestly, I never thought you'd find your spine again
I'll never know the truth again
Track Name: Billed
I'm underneath the ground
I'm still alive but on my own and all the thoughts I've held were not for me to hold, but that's not what I was told
Even the warmest of hearts grow cold
I'm alive but I feel like I'm dying
You locked the casket, sealed me inside
You locked me inside
Your head is a grave
Track Name: Paid
What will they say at my funeral?
All they'll know is the man I wish I was; the man I may never be, at least that's the way it seems
This grave is not my home
Even in death, my life will be a lie
Buried in the dirt, safe with my secrets
I long for a day with nothing left to confess
I confess to you the worst parts
You already know
Track Name: Backordered
In these brick walls you will die all along with your new home and beliefs that you hold so strong
They were mine too until someone pulled me out
Someone pulled me outside
Don't believe a thing, go find it on your own
No matter what they say, turn over every stone
We're all searching for answers it seems
We are filled with questions that are bursting out of our seams
Now's the time when we branch off from what our parents believe
We discover for ourselves what we believe
What used to be so black and white has become grey
We are leaving everything behind so we become afraid
Depression may come from time to time
Loneliness has become a common though process in our minds
We all feel pressure to be successful, to honor our elders, and to be respectful
Our parents tell us they'll support us in what we do, but we feel we have to make money in order to prove that we're independent
If these are your thoughts, then we're the same
Know I'm struggling also and I share your pain
I have no idea what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future
Keep searching for who you are
Chances are if you've already started looking, you're not that far from finding answers
I'm going through this with you, so know you're not alone in searching for truth
Track Name: Cancelled
When will you wake up? Cast aside your flags
When will you see? Fight for their lives
After all you have worked for, instead of your pride, this place was built on greed
Now there are cracks in the foundation and broken bones at your feet
After all you've worked for, you can't stand defeat
I sing with the devil in mind; be it you, me, or anyone else I find