Jungle Demos

by Cardinal

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Recorded by Marley Van Raalte

Brian Nissen piccolo bass
Alexa Nissen vocals
Marley Van Raalte drums
Scott Fischer bass



released February 20, 2014

Art by Scott Fischer



all rights reserved


Still Here Records Freeport, Illinois

An art collective and independent record label based in Freeport, IL.

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Track Name: In
Dropped in the jungle
In the cold, brisk dry
I see death and I see it for what it is
A depression in the ground
Where water gathers 'round
I think I'll survive
Track Name: Reverie On Pecatonica River
I walked down there, 2 am, midnight
Old buildings small and business like
Sad as soldiers, hands to their head
And they watch their officers die in their own beds

The sidewalk supports glass and my feet push it back

Then a train toppled, oversees no new track
A fallen tiger on her side, waiting
But not wanting to die

Now to the river I am
An artist of prose
With the foresight of ghosts
Was this what Harlem was like, 2 am, midnight?
When Hughes prayed he would die?
I don't know, for I head back

Greater he than I, that stayed by the river
And thought of his life.
Track Name: To Dad
I'll do what I want and I'll always continue
Lacing strings through gold ringlets
There's just enough time here, just enough air
Being worked through my system just slow enough
And I'm committed and controlled by a consistent loyalty
When I step on these steps and I step on what I know
I'll get my boots and grab my coats

I'll be here forever
And that's what makes me strong
I'm better than you gave me credit for
When you were young
I learn from fervent persistence in the time of resistance
I gain wisdom unreachable from a recalcitrant diet
Of no assistance and being unteachable
But I'll teach my son
Track Name: Out
A sparrow in snow, I made it to winter
And its apparent to me as the plants start to wither
That I don't have much time left

I made it through summer, though no one was here
I showed the whole world that if my motives are clear
My mind will be sharp, my strength will be large
I'll be like the panther sustained by the dark