No Kind Words

by Marley VanRaalte

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All songs by Marley VanRaalte
Recorded at 7 1/2 Studio by Marley VanRaalte
Mixed/Mastered by Marley VanRaalte
Produced by Marley & friends

Brendan Carter - bass guitar
Zach Peterson - synth, keyboard, aux percussion
Eric Jessen - djembe


released October 27, 2015

Cover by Jasmin Nava
Photos by Luke Franzen
Design and layout by Zach Peterson & Marley VanRaalte
Lyrics on Track 5 inspired by Shel Silverstein's "The Missing Piece"

Thank you to: Mom, Dad, Dylan, Andy Golz, Brendan Carter, Zach Peterson, Chris Ranney, Ron Dead, Brian & Alexa Nissen, Detective Sheriff Derek, Jimmy Westenberg, Guru Danny, 712, Marilee & Ted, Luke Franzen, Jasmin Nava, Erik & David, Downtown Freeport



all rights reserved


Still Here Records Freeport, Illinois

An art collective and independent record label based in Freeport, IL.

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Track Name: Artist Now
another house with empty walls
with one room and a bed is all
open windows and natural light
floods the room
and its just like
you weren't at all
I could tell you meant it
when you snubbed my plea
we could be friends, if you need friends
oh, thats not what you need
I'd rather see you hunted now
see you get bled out
a trophy of no love
and its just like
I'm not at all
I guess it wasnt worth it
when enough is enough
you say i love you too much
I ride by your house each night
for the chance you might be outside
so I could say
"hey, why don't we talk about
how you don't need me
cause you're an artist now?"
baby, you're modern art
all head and no heart
baby, you're modern art
so it ain't hard to tear you apart
Track Name: Be Kept Shut
I can't hurt you
so, I hurt myself
attack a line each morning
red marks on my mental health
motorcycle knife
cuts just right
and leaves me hollow
I thought that you should know
I'd rather be kept shut
I crave you like a cigarette
that burns my throat
you're needed like the down
in my new winter coat
do you want nothing?
are perfectly blessed?
or is it just not for me
that you wish to undress?
I'm hollow
I thought the world should know
I'd rather be kept shut
but you had to open me back up
an empty sun to a dying day
will disappoint in every way
an empty sun to a dying day
everyone will turn away
so I'll put it away
come on, let me touch
I tasted your blood
now I can't get it up
Track Name: Leavers
ahead of me I can see the abyss
I squint my eyes, but it ain't hard to miss
I miss you
up the stairs theres a light
but you're too scared
illuminate the knife and I'll cut
just show me where, don't say
"it'll pass" cause I've heard it before
that's what leavers say
lovers who know that they cannot stay
a new host or an easy friend?
or just another way to let yourself pretend
it'll pass, I've heard it before
that's what leavers say
lovers who know that they cannot stay
a big hole, a deep cut
little wound, stitch it up
have you had enough?
your thoughts are neat
yeah, you never skip a beat
but you never speak to me
you're kind and sweet to everyone you meet
but you never speak to me
Track Name: I Was Dreaming
I was dreaming
I been thinking
I was lost and beaten
broken, left here for dead
watched my castle
with the pride of an asshole
who did not see it come down
wasting time on
the things we hide from
now the good just gets in our way
I been thinking
I was lost and beaten
but then I heard the words from my friends
"You can't force your soul
in a vacuous hole,
you just love what loves you back"
I'm happier now
that you showed me how to fight
I'm not just lying down
cause ones like us
we can't get enough
we're just throwing shit down a well
oh well.
I was dreaming
that you'd listen to reason
but I must have woke up again
Track Name: My Missing Piece
tell them whats missing
but you'd best make it fast
the old one ain't fitting
and it knows it won't last
you moved to the city
and I'm learning how
the leaves are all turning
what are you doing now?
Do you know how long you've been rolling
with you eyes to the ground?
when they're blowing candles
out with such ease
take what you can handle
when they ask you to leave
you moved to the city
did that change a thing?
sing "oh, i've gone searching
for my missing piece"
do you know how long you've been rolling
with your eyes to the ground?
I'm counting rings
to know how long I've been growing
since you ain't been around
who knew they'd like you better as two?
Track Name: Simply Home
father, I feel so badly
cause my lover found love in another body
my mother, she holds me sore
when I saw a future I don't see anymore
simply home
the static sings "you should have known"
steam heat hiss "you're still alone"
my sister, she gets me high
says "you'll learn to love yourself
if you give it a little time"
now what am I if not sad?
cause I'm feeling happy now
maybe even glad
simply home
I feel a love so warm it reddens my nose
and lifts me up to see I was never alone
simply home
where you left me and where I let it go
but, if you wanted out
you could have just let me know
no kind word goes unheard
so, no kind word was wasted on her