Someone Else's Shooting Star

by Marley VanRaalte

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Brendan Carter - Bass Guitar
Jimmy Westenberg - Drums
Ron Oxley - Voice
Alexa Nissen - Voice
Cameron Rockwell - Cello
Marley - Voice, Guitars, Drums, etc.


released May 12, 2017

Written and recorded by Marley Van Raalte in Abet, an apartment, and Grandma's house between 2015 & 2017.

Produced with help from Aaron Isaacson, B. Carter, and R. Oxley.
Photography by Luke Franzen
Artwork assistance by Anne VanRaalte
Web assistance by Zachy Peterson

Thanks to my family and friends for their unwavering support.



all rights reserved


Still Here Records Freeport, Illinois

An art collective and independent record label based in Freeport, IL.

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Track Name: The Well
steep slow, the water knows you drink free of decency
now soak, the memories are told as dreams
she isnt wanting to believe
her interest could be fading out before our final bow
when you hit the ground you find out what you need
but you wont make a sound to us or anyone
around you now
teeth into lips, she thinks and then spits
the taste that she had it wasnt that bad
but it was safe, the kind of thing you crave
we're lucky just to shine
from a penny worth a find
to a wish to turn back time
theres no water in the well
nothing but the light from the hole you fell
Track Name: Drive
you said “drive, take me all the way im so uptight”
I realize tonight may be the night
dilate, im coming in
my wasted one where is it that youve been
and aint you had enough of wandering?
tarred and tethered to this flock of a feather
that couldnt keep from falling
I said “drive, im running from the things
I keep inside of my head”
you made your mark
you traced a figure eight across my heart
in case forever falls apart
what if I feel safer on the ground?
Track Name: Vacant Places
second day, better now you gotta wait
to come as one and separate
if you think the words you wanna say
will you send them my way?
take not one piece from me
cause what I am now is what you leave
second day, when its clear to me nothings changed
I get up, you get away.
its quiet so your voice is low when you say
“isnt it strange that we live this way?”
vacant places where I thought that we would be
making changes to what you think of me
Track Name: Tomorrow, Mars!
I could sit and talk it through
the big “it” inside the room
and with a swift ungraceful mind
could unfold those folded blind
We could lie straight through our teeth
but it has ears for you and me
now theres a burden, if you care
to shake the blissful unaware
im sure theres no need for
a vessel well equipped to leave
a thought that you learned not to think
your so complete
no one will believe
youve got your eye on other stars
youre here today tomorrow, mars
back where you belong
Track Name: See You Smile
Oh my, I missed your urgent call
lonely blooming on up the wall
youre no-show voluntarily
set your sickened sights all over me
lets see you smile
distraction, make it worth my while or leave
Oh no, ive broken protocol
lonely assuming im a free-for-all
the man about propriety
wants to hang me on apostasy
but I aint your god's property
lets see you smile
fire-off, burn right through my stockpile
quiet never killed, I dont intend
to fight the beck and call of fitting in
so I smile, its the compromise of bein alive
you can shame me to ground
and keep your fucking crown, ill leave
its no defeat, I was already out of things to say
Track Name: Someone Else's Shooting Star
end of the line, stitching your time
to settle up and save nine
this honorable discharge will do just fine
fine, but better off
give me nailed to fucking cross
I dont really mean it,
I was never even thinking it through
turn back inside
present, belie what you cant undue
really, I wasnt looking for lost
when it found me I was certain theyd call it a wash
theres nothing you dont want to never know
know just what you are
youre someone else's lucky shooting star
so I dont really need him cause theres nothing
like believing in you
they wouldnt be teasing if they saw it too
mercy, mercy let them be
even im so sick of knowing me, id try anything
last stop for a misbehaving mind
Track Name: Bad Kids
bad kids stay alive
against the grain to which you subscribe
dissonance in the moral haze
dont look now, theyre digging you grave
every word is a wire tripped, a wasted breath
so you know that ill submit
and co-sign whatever you said
ill hide whatever you hid
cause no ties means no loose ends
black on black, its a quick disguise
make the savior sing and the conquered cry: “Charlatan!”
come the witching hour
too late to atone with my feet to the fire
I know you dont hear what I cant say
so between you and me, this stopped being fun
Track Name: Estelle
the curtains sit safely undrawn
darkness blurs right into wrong
then somebody says “it seems unsafe to be here”
like they couldnt stand the thought
of something so unclear
sweet Estelle, she can never tell
who she wants to be
Track Name: Black Eyed Baby
baby's getting used
to being abused
she's seasonal
she aint nobodies muse
you drew a crooked line
of a soldier reassigned
to forfeit the war
im not waiting for a better sign
baby wants to feel
just enough to deal
its getting easier to take
than admit shes afraid
that nothing ever fits
there must be something that was missed
defeated by design, im mistaken
should I not resist?
my black eyed baby
cryin' for infinity
to let up and let her back in
no lonely aint her only friend
its coming on a little too strong
im willing to wait, it wont be very long
Track Name: Return To Love
do I always need permission
to entertain this superstition?
well I know I watched her leave
with a sigh of relief
she had already returned to love
you have seen the endless nothing
so you are free but stay completely shaken
some days you get so upset
but dont ever forget
you can always return to love
some people are born ready to run
some people they need a reason
if thats it, then the joke is on me
I will die on my knees
if it means im returning to love
I choose to believe
that everything returns to love