We Are All The Same Demo

by Hear This

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Recorded by Marley Van Raalte

Andy Golz vocals
Brian Nissen bass
Jason Nugent guitars
Marley Van Raalte guitars
Zach Peterson drums


released January 1, 2010




all rights reserved


Still Here Records Freeport, Illinois

An art collective and independent record label based in Freeport, IL.

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Track Name: Intro (I Will)
I will shout from the mountain tops
Or I'll be swallowed up by the sea
A man of simple needs
A man of simple desires
But to maintain
I've got to feel the fire
Track Name: Colorblind
We were trained to hate
Every single day
My question is when it became alright
To split, to divide
To force the beauty of difference to hide

The color of your skin
Means nothing to me
Giving out all these labels
That we don't need

East or west you can't suppress
My honest cry for help
This is something I can't do by myself

The color of your skin
Means nothing to me
Raise your voices together
And scream for unity

Culture of fear
Culture of duress
Gotta get this burden
Off our chest
Civil unrest
A song of protest
Are we gonna sink
Down like the rest

I've sung about change
Now it's time that change was made
Track Name: Journeys
At certain times we've all been tested
Hopefully you passed
And maybe you were misdirected
But you got back on track
Of course along the way you had questions
Somewhere you found truth
Hopefully you thought it through
And your belief is concrete

There is a certain price we pay
To live our lives this way
So far away from society's rule
After every passing day
Realize this is where you'll stay
My undying passion won't decay

Sometimes my journey hasn't been easy
Sometimes it's been hard
And I've felt persecuted
For the things I feel inside my heart

If you've ever taken a look around
If you're unsure what you're about
Now is the time to figure it out
Of all the different things I could have done
I held on to the important ones

And someday you'll see
With wide open eyes

You'll see with wide open eyes
As I scream like the sky
With a thunderous roar
You'll see what I live for
Track Name: Human
There are a few things in life you can't change
They are a part of the day to day
For twenty-one years I've made mistakes
And lived my life my own way

Through struggle and pain
I can't complain
Holding on to one thought
I remember

I'm human, I'm alive
And I know someday that I'll die
But until then, I'll keep moving on
I've seen and I've felt
And if I end up straight in hell
I know I've lived the dream

I could pay the pauper or flee the scene
If I die young at least I lived a dream
We all lived the dream

Illusions of safety
Disillusioned times
They're all a part of our lives

We are all the same