We Haven't Started Yet​.​.​.

by Flaccid Pickle

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"We are Flaccid Pickle - a life of crunchiness we will never know. Glory, Wisdom, Strength, Courage, and Honor!"

Mike Marten vocals
Matt Meyers guitars
Jon "P-Funk" Sanchez guitars
Kirk Wedig bass guitar
TJ Deslitch drums


released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Still Here Records Freeport, Illinois

An art collective and independent record label based in Freeport, IL.

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Track Name: Double Fisty
We’re going down to the pastures where we graze
Human race was not made to sit around and waste
Another Monday gone, another Monday comes
Been stuck in this place, with nowhere left to run

How long will it take, for us to make our escape
I’ve got to hang my hat on something, gotta hang it soon
Something that’s for me, And not for you

You can mark my words, and remember everything I say
I will not live to die, it will not happen that way
I’m not a factory, a machine or a dollar sign
I’m sick of losing memories and wasting all my time
Track Name: Evil Dead II
Lightning strikes, flashes fill the sky,
Faces of the dead, creep outside
One by one, it’s time to say goodbye
Open your eyes, the dead are alive

Black night turns to red as they open their graves
Green skin and eyes it’s the end of days
The scent of death is on their breath
The dead won’t stop until there’s no one left

Take your chance and try to rise above
Say goodbye to all the ones you love
Make it sweet, tell them all you can tell
Once you walk away, you’ll be walking in hell

I tell you once I’ll never tell you again
If I have to tell you twice, then you’re already dead
Nowhere to run, nowhere hide
Open your eyes, the dead are alive
Track Name: P-Funk
LET’S GO, we’re going out tonight
USED TO HAVE A GIRL, by my side
BUT SHE SUCKED, I’m gonna drink her out of my mind

THERE SHE GOES, another one gone
WHO CARES, she made me yawn
GOOD BYE, baby so long

Deception is reality
When it comes to love, I’d rather be deceived
Drinking at the bar is where I would rather be
Drinking at the bar is where I’ll be

ANSWERS are found in a can
BEWSKIES again and again
Getting drunk tonight sounds pretty good to me
Track Name: Just the Tip
I’ve travelled down this road before
Step by step, still never know what’s in store
Leap of faith, means nothing to me
If you don’t take a chance, you’ll never see

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we haven’t started yet
And who knows, just how far we’ll get!

Unexpected, that’s everyday
Get used to it, or get out of the way
We grind, we fight, we steal, we lie
There’s no end in sight, but we’ll still get by